Word Alive’s aim can be summed up in the strap line, Serving the Church, Reaching the World. Our desire is to resource individuals and churches and so empower them in their mission to their local communities and the wider world. As we do that we will be guided by the following principles:


Our belief in the Bible as God’s living word and our supreme authority means that the Bible will be central in all our activities. The core programme of Word Alive will be Biblical exposition, supported by Bible Overviews and guides to Bible handling.

Engagement with God

Our belief that a personal relationship with God is the centre of human existence will lead us to encourage a real engagement with God through all that happens at Word Alive. We believe that God will be personally addressing us and changing us by his Spirit through his Word. Given that, we want to help each other respond to Him in an appropriate way, whether it be prayer, worship, personal commitment or a change of life-direction.


Our belief that God gifts and works through all his people means we will place a high priority on training. We will seek to provide seminars and training tracks that will help individuals discover and develop their own gifts. With a huge variety of gifts from preaching to personal relationships, or childrens work to world mission, we will open up possibilities, provide examples and encouragement and seek to motivate and equip Gods people to serve him and his world.

Listen to Hugh Palmer interviewing Don Carson and Richard Cunningham about the future of Word Alive.

Cunningham interviews Carson at NWA2008 - Download MP3 (n/a)

The Organisers of Word Alive


  • Hugh Palmer (Chair)
  • Jason Clarke
  • Richard Cunningham
  • Dave Gobbett
  • Simon Johnson
  • Brian Weaver

Programme Committee

  • Dave Gobbett (Chair)
  • Peter Dray
  • Connie Keep
  • Melanie Lacy
  • Neil Powell
  • John Stevens
  • Brian Weaver
  • Nigel Beynon
  • Hannah Bracken Goncalves

Legal Status

Word Alive was launched as a partnership between UCCF and Keswick Ministries in 2007, the first event was in April 2008. Word Alive is a charity registered in England and Wales (Company No. 06434440, Charity No. 1122012).