Off site accommodation can be a great alternative for CU students at Word Alive! All the on site student discount accommodation at Word Alive has now been booked, however there are lots of different types of accommodation available to book within short distances from the Word Alive site.

Off site CU students can access the site at all hours, so you can come and go as you choose, including attending After Hours events or grabbing an early morning coffee. We also hope to have some parking available for off site guests.

There are spaces on site at Word Alive to chill out and relax during the day in-between the programmed events, alongside quiet revision areas if you need to grab a few hours study.

Also as a special bonus, off site CU students receive a free hot drink voucher for the Word Alive café each day!

What do we do next?

Firstly, talk to you CU Staff Worker to let them know you aim to book off site accommodation.

If you are a CU student group staying off site, you need to book two things:

  1. Off site accommodation: somewhere to sleep each night (see below list of ideas to get your started)
  2. Event Pass: a pass to access all of the Word Alive site and programme of events (see below for further details)

How to book Accommodation

You will need to book and arrange your own off site accommodation. There are lots of different options and variables when booking off site accommodation, and it will be helpful to chat through a couple of key questions with your CU friends and Staff Worker as you think about what is right for you:

  • How much do you want to spend on accommodation? There will be different prices available, so deciding your budget in advance will be helpful.
  • How will you travel to and from the event? Think through whether you want to be able to walk to and from your accommodation, or if you have a driver within your group who can give people lifts.
  • What accommodation facilities are important to you? We ask students to keep accommodation rooms single sex.

Word Alive takes place at Pontins Prestatyn Sands Holiday Park, Central Beach, Barkby Avenue, Prestatyn LL19 7LA.

Listed below are some different options for off site accommodation. Please note these are ideas to get you started and not a personal endorsement from Word Alive or UCCF:

Please note that most private caravan parks don’t allow single sex bookings to prevent stag and hen parties, so you may wish to contact the owners to see if there is any lee-way. Here is some suggested wording: "We are a single sex group wishing to book this caravan. We are attending a local Christian conference that takes place locally each year. The event is ‘Word Alive’ and can you can see details of the event here: Due to our Christian values we do wish to book a single sex caravan, and we wonder if you could make an exception in our circumstance for our booking. If you have any further questions please do get in touch."

How to book an Event Pass

If you are staying off site, you need to book an event pass to access the event. Normally the event pass costs £150, however CU students can purchase these for half price - £75 - bargain!

Event passes can be purchased via the Word Alive website: And will be posted out a few weeks before the event.

Catering Off Site

Thinking through your catering is important for off site students; your CU Staff Worker can help you decide the best option. One option might be returning to your accommodation for your lunch and/or evening meal. Or you might like to bring a packed lunch and group picnic each day – even enjoying it on the beach! There may also be friends on site who could host you for meals.

We plan to have some food vans on site and there is Captain Cod’s fish and chip shop. It may also be possible to purchase some meals on site from the Pontins canteen.

We hope this information is helpful. If you have any further questions about booking off site accommodation, please ask your CU Staff Worker in the first instance or contact or