Arrival Times & Check-In

Guests who booked Club chalets can check in from 2pm on Saturday 13th April.

Similarly, Group Bookers (who booked 3 or more chalets regardless of the type of accommodation) can also check in from 2pm. In the case of these groups, we would ask that only one person from the party checks in, preferably the Group Booker or someone appointed by them.

Guests who booked Popular or Classic accommodation can check in from 4pm.

If you booked 1 or 2 units, you should check in per chalet. Club units from 2pm, Popular and Classic units from 4pm.

In all cases, to make your check-in smoother, please bring your email booking confirmation with your reference number that starts wab000…

Check-in will take place in the Fun Factory in the main Pontins building. Stewards will direct you. Please note that if you have children in School Year 6 and under you could take them to register in their programmes (from 3pm) while another member of your party checks in.

PLEASE NOTE you need to bring your own bed linen – i.e. duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases!


You will receive 2 sets of keys per accommodation unit. Additional keys may be available from Pontins Reception but can only be obtained from Sunday onwards and will require a small returnable deposit.

Event Passes

When you check-in you will be given wristbands for those in your party. These are to be worn throughout the event. They will give you access to both the Holiday Park and the Word Alive programme.

Meal Passes

Those in half board accommodation will also receive meal passes at check in.  The evening meal will be served from 5pm-8pm on the Saturday evening and each evening after that. Breakfast is available from 7am–9.30am. If you would like to book any meals, please speak to Pontins (these are subject to availability).

If you have not already done so, please complete details for the occupants in your chalet(s) – this is particularly important with regards to any children and youth.

Arrival survival

One of our Group Bookers prepared this excellent guide for her party – you may find it helpful too!

 Download Arrival Survival