4-9 April 2020

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The teaching and activities for children and youth are of the highest quality: engaging, relevant and enjoyable, allowing children and young people to grow in their faith and be encouraged to live for Jesus with their friends and school mates back home.

The children and youth tracks will focus on the same part of the Bible as the adults so that families can talk about what they’re learning and their love for Jesus.

We’re delighted to welcome children and youth with additional needs to our programmes. Whatever extra is required, from giving information to the Team Leader all the way through to targeted one-to-one support from an experienced worker, we will do our best to provide from the resources we have available.


Crèche and pre-school provision for 3 months–3 years


Reception and starting Reception in September 2019


For school years 1–2


For school years 3–6


For school years 7–9


For school years 10–13

(These are school years in England and Wales. In Scotland or Northern Ireland the terminology will be different.)

Families Together:

Families Together is our all-age worship meeting. With the whole family in mind, we’ll be exploring and applying God’s word in a fun and engaging way. There will be a combination of interactive activities, videos, Bible stories, discussions, songs and prayer.

Our hope is that these times will not only provide great opportunities for families to look together at the Bible during the week, but also equip and inspire you for family devotions when you return home.

Families Together takes place every day between 5.30pm-6.15pm.