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Could you bring your CU to Word Alive?

To find out more, watch the student promo video. You can also download the Student Champion Guide here for a step by step guide on bringing a group to Word Alive. 

For more general tips on organising a group, click here where you can download design assets and more resources for you to use. 

Head to the UCCF website for more information about students at Word Alive and other events in the year.

cu student track

Come as a Christian Union to enjoy an exciting and inspiring week that will equip you to thrive in every area of life on campus and beyond. Spend time with your friends and make new ones as you eat, learn, worship, sing, tell stories, pray and unwind together. Be encouraged and spurred on to live for Jesus as you gather together with thousands of other Christians in praise of him.

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If you’re at uni then the CU Student Track is just for you

A holiday with a difference

Be refreshed in the north Wales setting. Walk on the sandy beach next to the site, hop in a car during free time and ramble in nearby Snowdonia, relax with some quality entertainment in After Hours, all in the company of friends from uni. All the while, hearing God speak to you and bring you alive.

Celebrate, learn and grow

Word Alive offers your CU the opportunity to come away together and to join with the wider body of Christ to encounter and celebrate God together.

The CU Student Track joins with the main programme for the morning Bible teaching and worship. Then you get the chance to think through specific issues and opportunities through training tracks and seminars.

Impact groups

You’ll be part of an Impact Group, where you can chat with other students about what you’re learning and experiencing, and pray together. Then it’s time for the evening celebration where everyone gathers to hear God speak and to respond to him in joyful worship and prayer.


CU Student Discount

Both accomodation on site and off site passes have been discounted for CU students.  Information and help with both can be found on the staying on site and the staying off site pages.

UCCF Leadership Network

As part of our commitment to preparing believers to be an effective witness to the world, we are delighted to host a number of tracks at Word Alive 2020 that form a part of UCCF Leadership Network, a programme for students in six key, culture-shaping fields. Attendees will be equipped to think specifically about how their faith informs their personal engagement and witness in their chosen professions, and resource these student leaders to be Christ-centred culture shapers, whether in the public sphere, church ministry or global mission. We will have six tracks for students who are involved in Theology, Science, Music, Politics, Law and the Arts. UCCF Leadership Network functions throughout the year for CU students, but these sessions are open for anyone who is interested in the subject matter covered by each track.

international students

We’re delighted to partner with Friends International and OMF Diaspora Ministries to provide our International Student Track.


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As well as the chance to go to the wider Word Alive programme, as an international student you have your own Bible teaching, small groups (in a variety of languages) and seminars. These will help you grow in your faith and discipleship, and have a particular focus on what it means to live for God in your home country as well as in the UK.

We run our events late morning and in the afternoon so there is plenty of time to attend the meetings and events in the conference during the first part of the morning and in the evening.

Who is it for?

  • All international students are welcome!
  • It is designed for Christian international students and provides a great time of teaching and discipleship – it is definitely not a basics course.
  • If you are not a Christian, or you are still exploring, you are very welcome too. There are special groups designed especially for you (in Chinese and in English).

Will I be able to attend other meetings in the conference?

Yes! We run our events late morning and in the afternoon so there is plenty of time to attend the meetings and events in the conference during the first part of the morning and in the evening.

What happens at the track?

  • Bible teaching in the mornings. The talks are in English and specially relevant for international students.
  • In the afternoon, you will meet with a small group, giving time to think about applying the teaching to your own culture. These will be with others from a similar background and language.
  • In the afternoon, there will also be a variety of seminars at the International Student Track helping you to live for Christ in your different cultural contexts.
  • You can also join us for an afternoon trip to visit the local town of Prestatyn. It’s a great chance to see something of the local area and have some fun together. We’ll then join together at a local church for a meal.