• You should receive confirmation that we have received you application within two weeks of submitting. Following this we aim to confirm the make up of the exhibition in the autumn and will email confirmation to you as soon as possible. If you haven’t heard anything from us get in touch by emailing exhibition@wordaliveevent.org

    Please note that your application does not mean you are guaranteed a place. We give priority to exhibitors who book early but will select agencies on the basis of creating an exhibition that covers a suitable range of areas of service and resources.

  • Please confirm your representatives by completing the Team Information Form the deadline for completing this is 24 February 2023.

    If there are any changes after this date, please let us know by emailing Tim Cox (Exhibition Co-ordinator) at exhibition@wordaliveevent.org

  • Once your application has been confirmed you will receive an invoice, by email, which will be payable in 30 days. Only once we have received your payment will your place be guaranteed. Please be directly in touch with Tim Cox, should you have any queries involving payment, and he will pass them on to the Finance Team.

  • Saturday 1 April

    Evening: 8pm–8.30pm & 10pm–10.30pm

    Sunday 2 April – Wednesday 5 April

    Morning: 11am–11.30am
    Afternoon: 4.30pm–6pm
    Evening: 8pm–8.30pm & 10pm–10.30pm

    The late evening session on Tuesday 4 April will be an extended session from 10pm-11pm for our Student Night in the Hub. Find out more here

  • We provide a Wi-Fi network that is open to all in the Hub. Please be aware this can be slow when the Hub is busy and you may need to make alternative arrangements if you require consistent internet access.

  • Your stand must be free-standing (there are no wall structures to fix display materials to). Therefore, if you require a ‘backdrop’ to your exhibition space, you must bring your own display boards. If you desire a table and/or chairs you must indicate this on the application form. In our experience, the most successful exhibitors are those who seek to be as interactive as possible and have fun, creative ways of drawing people in. We would encourage you to think about how you can best do that so that you can get the most out of the event. The use of sound and video equipment is encouraged. You will be advised on site regarding volume levels.

  • Representatives from exhibiting organisations are responsible for their own accommodation and food. The price of exhibiting includes two event passes which gives access to the site and Word Alive programme, so staying off-site is almost certainly the cheapest option. Some suggestions for off-site accommodation are here.

    However, we have reserved a small amount of on-site accommodation for exhibitors to book. If you are interested in booking this, please contact Tom Roberts (Word Alive Event Co-ordinator) at mail@wordaliveevent.org. Please note that on-site accommodation includes additional event passes in the accommodation price and no discount or refund for this is available.

  • Event passes can transferred between and used by different members of your team as long as a maximum of two are on site at any one time. If you require more than two event passes they will need to purchase the extras from Word Alive, which can be done via our website or on site at the event.

  • In general terms, exhibitors are not permitted to sell items from their stand. If they wish to sell any books they must do so via the event bookshop. If an exhibitor particularly wishes to sell an item then it may be possible to sell directly from the stand if the event bookshop does not stock that item and gives their permission. Please contact Nigel Beynon, Director of Word Alive, at nigelbeynon@wordaliveevent.org

  • Yes – parking is available on site, some of which is reserved for exhibitors. Please provide your vehicle registration on the team information form and display the exhibitor parking permit when on site.

  • Exhibitors may give out information pertinent to their organisation but are not permitted to hand out material anywhere on site except at their stand.

Question not answered here? Email Tim Cox at exhibition@wordaliveevent.org