Word Alive is a wonderful opportunity to have time away as friends and family or as a group from church or Christian Union.

Some make Word Alive part of their annual programme as the slot the church family spends time away together. The individuals who organise groups play a vital role in helping others attend and benefit from all that Word Alive offers.

Sometimes a group organiser is simply the person who organises for a group of friends to come along; sometimes they might have a more official capacity in a church or Christian Union with the aim of bringing as many from these groups as they can. In these situations group organisers will distribute brochures, arrange to have the video played in a service or home group, and generally give the conference a really good plug.

You might like to download the promotional resources below, which contains the promo video and the brochure.

Download promotional resources

tips and suggestions

Speak to your church leaders

Tell your church leaders that you would like to organise a group to go to Word Alive and discuss how you can share information with people.

Give a notice

The key thing about advertising is to be clear, enthusiastic and short! You could interview someone who came to Word Alive in the past and find out why they enjoyed it. Or you could speak from your own experience or tell people what you are looking forward to this year.

Show the promotional video

If you are able, show the short video we have made to introduce people to Word Alive. It really helps people get an impression of the event and what it looks like in practice.

Share the e-brochure

The brochure gives a few details about the programme and speakers at the event, as well as information about accommodation and costs. You can share the online interactive brochure or download and share the PDF. Or you might like to print a copy for those who prefer it.

Use a sign-up list

Having given a notice, ask people to register their interest or say they want to come in some way. It might be they sign up at a list on the notice board, or send you an e-mail – whatever fits!

Follow people up

This is the crucial bit that can easily be missed. Having done the announcement and asked for interest, it’s very important to follow up individuals, ask them if they’d like to come, answer questions etc. People often won’t respond to the public notice, but will be engaged by personal contact.

Make a booking

The on site units tend to get booked quite quickly so you may want to book a few units even if you haven’t confirmed who is coming. But be careful not to book too many!

Understand the layout of the park

The Pontins park is arranged with units of the same grade and size next to each other. This means if your group chooses a variety of grades and sizes of unit then we can’t put you next door to each other as they units are in different blocks. If you want to be next door to each other, then you’ll need to book the same type of accommodation.

Arrange final payments

When you book you pay £100 deposit for each unit. Then final payments are due on 25 January 2023. You’ll probably want to arrange for your group to pass the money on to you or the church treasurer so the final payment can then be made.

Pass on key information

As the event gets closer you can help your group by passing on information about travel, what to bring, programme updates etc. 

At the event

Some group organisers set up a rota for people cooking meals, arrange outings for the group, ask for baby-sitting volunteers etc. If you can do some of this that is wonderful, but you might be able to delegate roles out.