Word Alive is a wonderful opportunity to have time away as friends and family or as a group from church or Christian Union. Some make Word Alive part of their annual programme as the slot the church family spends time away together. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other better, to learn together and to have fun as a group.

The individuals who organise groups play a vital role in helping others attend and benefit from all that Word Alive offers. We have group organiser packs which give you ideas and resources to help you in this role.

Brochures: to hand out at church or your Christian Union or to give to your friends (also available to download)
Promotional video: to play in church services or at home group meeting

Sometimes a group organiser is simply the person who organises for a group of friends to come along; sometimes they might have a more official capacity in a church or Christian Union with the aim of bringing as many from these groups as they can. In these situations group organisers will put brochures or postcards on every seat in their church or Christian Union, arrange to have the DVD played in a service or home group, and generally give the conference a really good plug.

Please note that we seek to put groups in accommodation near each other but this can only be done with accommodation of the same grade, size and bedroom configuration due to the layout of the park. So if you would like to be next door to each other you must book the same type of accommodation.

To register for a brochure/sign up as a Group Organiser please visit