Update from the projects we supported at Word Alive 2019

25 November 2019

Zambiri – Nigeria

At our event Ben & Gloria Kwashi told us about the orphanage they are building to care for more children. They write: “In Jos our rainfall begins in April and begins to stop in September/October. During the rainy season it is not feasible in our terrain to start any building. We are very happy to tell you that we have started digging for the work on a hostel block which we have named the Word Alive block. The foundation laying ceremony will take place soon in a few weeks after the main layout and proper construction have begun. We thank you very much and our gratitude will go on to many generations for your love and partnership with us in the spread of the gospel. Gloria and the children send gratitude with unspeakable joy!!!”

Living Out writes:

"Living Out continue to be massively encouraged by the incredible generosity of those attending Word Alive over the last two years. It’s making possible the development of some kids material on biblical inclusion and identity which are being road-tested at the moment and will, God willing, be available in 2020. We’re working with the team at Faith in Kids to come up with resources that will help our youngest church family members to know that Jesus welcomes and challenges all (and so is the most inclusive person ever) and that their identity is in him and what he’s done for them (and so they don’t have to construct their own). We want to equip parents and churches to tell the Bible’s better story in a way that compassionately contradicts the secular narrative.

Work on apologetic resources for older age-groups is at a much earlier stage. Thanks, in part, to those at WA we now have the funding, and have built links with the creatives who will help us develop them, but we’re struggling to find the capacity to develop our ideas. We’d love it if people could be praying for the time so that we can realise our dream of short films that will help persuade people of the goodness of God’s Word when it comes to varying human experiences of gender, identity and sexuality.

In the meantime the Living Out continues to develop our website at livingout.org and train church leaders across the UK (and further afield) in how to build biblically inclusive churches. In all that we do we’ve been so encouraged by our sisters and brothers in Christ from Word Alive. Thank you."

Grace Church Buckley writes:

It has been an exciting 2 years for Grace Church Buckley! We’re so thankful for the investment Word Alive has made in our church planting efforts here. In October, we celebrated our first anniversary as an official church family, and it’s proven to be a very exciting first year. We’ve enjoyed watching God bring several unchurched into our congregation, as well as holding our first baptism in July. We want to personally thank all of those who gave towards this church-plant endeavour.

A large part of your investment in Grace Church Buckley has gone toward funding a ministry trainee. In the last year, Mike has become more of an assistant pastor than a trainee. In addition to having an active part in our Steering Team, Mike has been preaching and teaching in our church on a regular basis. In July, he completed the first year of the ministerial training program offered by the Northwest Partnership. Your funding also gave opportunity for Mike to be involved in one-to-one discipleship with a couple of other men, as well as the resources necessary to begin a much-needed youth program here in Buckley

Your gifts have also helped Grace Church Buckley in many tangible ways, such as funding our meeting place and purchasing necessary items like a communion set and a sound system. We thank you again for your gift towards Grace Church Buckley. It has been a blessing to watch God provide through your generosity. Our ministry here is truly your ministry as well, as together we take the Gospel to the lost in North Wales and beyond.