a typical day

The adult programme is designed to help us hear from God in a variety of different ways. Our desire is that God will empower and equip us to know him and live for him in all the areas of our lives. With a huge range of topics and different teaching styles there’s something for everyone and you can go to as much or as little as you like, so that the pace suits you.

Morning Bible Reading

The centre point of Word Alive. Hear from God’s word in an accessible, yet in-depth, format. Our main speaker this year is Conrad Mbewe, author and pastor at Kabwata Baptist Church in Zambia.

Morning Tracks

In the other half of the morning a variety of tracks help us look more closely at key aspects of faith and our world. Speakers for this year’s teaching tracks include Becky Pippert and Bruce Ware.

Afternoon Training Tracks

Equip us to serve in the real world as well as allowing us to tackle issues rarely discussed.

Evening Celebration

Finish the day with an opportunity to come together to hear God speak and celebrate all he has done with worship and prayer.

After Hours

The fun doesn’t stop after our Evening Celebration. With film nights, comedy and drama acts, and live music, After Hours gives you the chance to hang out with friends and family while enjoying some top-notch entertainment. Past After Hours entertainment has included a wide range of acts such as: 

  • Contemporary worship
  • Film nights
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Silent Disco

Count everyone in


A team from Count Everyone In, in partnership with the Lodge Trust, will provide accessible, interactive  celebrations that are particularly suitable for people with learning disabilities.

This track will also be ideal for anyone who enjoys a relaxed style of teaching and worship that may be simple but is often profound.

The track additionally offers seminars to inform and inspire local church ministry among adults with learning disabilities.

Note that there is a low-income bursary available for both on site and off site places.

If you need a full time carer and are staying off site, it is possible for your registered carer to receive a complimentary event pass.

You can read more information about Count Everyone In here

Equip track

For anyone involved in church leadership

Whether you’re a full-time, part-time or spare-time leader, this track will give you the opportunity to explore a variety of current issues facing churches and get equipped for effective ministry in today’s culture. These will explore a variety of current issues our churches face and will seek to equip us to be more effective and useful leaders.

There will also be sessions for more senior full time leaders, although these will be dependent on numbers.

Equip is designed to enable you to access the wider Word Alive programme while focusing on some specific issues of leadership.