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For the sake of the gospel would I…?

Adult / 2011

For the sake of Christ, for the sake of perishing, immortal souls, for the glory of God would I suffer? Pray? Give? Go?

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…be zealous and repent in the face of wealthy self-sufficiency

In the west it’s easy to look to other parts of the world and fear the physical persecution Christians face. But Christians in Africa and Asia look at us and fear the threat of materialism! We will look at examples of ministries from around the world whe


…hold fast in the face of powerlessness

What about life in the western world? What does persecution look like here? We’ll think about how Christians and Christian witness are marginalised and it seems that no-one is listening.


…suffer faithfully in the face of tribulation, slander and poverty

We know that being a Christian means suffering. But what does that look like around the world? Hear from Nigerian Archbishop Ben Kwashi and others of when Christian discipleship may cost my job, my reputation, my freedom, my life.


…endure patiently in the face of false teaching

How do we continue in faithful ministry when ‘brothers’ have denied the Word of God. How do we respond to such ‘brothers’? We will listen to how the Bible addresses this, as well as hear from Archbishop Ben Kwashi of his experience.