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How should Christians respond to #metoo?

Ellie Cook & Peter Dray

Adult and Student / 2019

The #metoo movement exploded into the public sphere in October 2017, after a series of high-profile revelations about sexual harassment and assault. 18 months later it’s still going strong. Join us as we think about making sense of the movement, and considering how the gospel guides us to respond.

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Making sense of #metoo

Ellie Cook~Peter Dray

In this session we’ll think about how the movement came about and discuss some of the challenges. We’ll consider how the gospel makes sense of the issue, and helps us to respond.


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Creating a positive vision for gender reconciliation

Ellie Cook~Peter Dray

#metoo has raised all sorts of questions and concerns around how men and women relate to one another, in church as well as in the rest of the world. Join us to think about how we can shape our communities in a way that honours what it means for men and women to be one in Christ.