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The DNA of Christian leadership

Peter Baker, Pablo Martinez, Wayne Grudem & Jerry Bridges

Adult / 2010

In this series of seminars on the strategic importance of leadership within the Christian community,  we explore the biblical principles and practice which make up highly effective leaders.

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Grace Motivated Ministry

Jerry Bridges

As we urge believers forward in their discipleship how do we keep grace the focus and foundation?


Keep your heart with all vigilance

Wayne Grudem

What does it mean to ‘keep our heart’, why is it crucial for our lives and ministries and practically how can we do it?


Caring for yourself

Pablo Martinez

Some people never think of others; they are the paradigm of selfishness. But others never think of themselves; they become the paradigm of stressed and burn out people. How can spot the dangers and rightly care for ourselves?


360 degree leadership

Peter Baker

What makes a leader? We will unpack the key elements in the development of Christian?leaders with rounded vision and character.