Update: October 2018

22 October 2018

Join us at Word Alive 2019

Welcome to our October update which focuses on staying off site, as well as giving some programme news and a free talk.

A great way to attend Word Alive is to organise your own accommodation off site.

If you haven’t done this before you may have questions about how it would work – where you would park, buy food etc. We’ve put together some information designed to help make off site work for you.

Staying Off Site includes nearby accommodation recommendations, information on getting food on site and local shops, advice on accessing ‘chalet TV off site’ as well as guidance on parking and access to the site. You can see it HERE.

Event Passes & Discounts

If you stay off site you’ll need to buy event passes to attend Word Alive. We’ve held the price from last year and under 3s are free. You can buy them HERE.

Don’t forget there are half price passes for fulltime Church or Christian ministry workers and their families, students and OAPs, as well as those on a low income.

Morning Programme

We are looking forward to having Sharon James back with us next year. Sharon will be leading a track on ‘How Christianity changed the world’. This should encourage us to see the influence Jesus has had on our society – as well how he is being displaced today. Sharon was at Word Alive in 2017 speaking on the Reformation. If you’d like to you can access her first talk HERE.

Awesome Cutlery

We are also pleased to announce that the musical duo ‘Awesome Cutlery’ will be joining us for the first time at Word Alive 2019. Captain Awesomeness and Cutlery Boy will be treating us to a fun concert aimed at families with children. Here’s a link to their website if you would like to find out more: https://www.awesomecutlery.com/