June Update

18 June 2019

Looking forward to 2020

We’re delighted to let you know that we have David Cook, Becky Pippert, Bruce Ware, Ian Garrett and Steve Midgley joining us as main speakers next year. We look forward to how they are going to serve us from God’s word.

We will be planning the rest of the programme (seminar topics and evening celebrations) over the coming months all with the aim of hearing God speak into every area of our lives. We pray the programme will enable us to know and live for God in all the different aspects of our relationships, work, study, and church life together.

2020 Brochure & Website

We posted our 2020 brochure at the end of last week so you should be receiving it soon - if you have given us permission to post it to you. If you haven’t given us permission but would like to receive a brochure, please email mail@wordaliveevent.org. If you would like a group organiser pack (10 brochures, a poster and tips on bringing a group), please register on our website homepage.

You can also download the brochure from our website, along with our promo video.

Our website has now been refreshed with new information and a new look for 2020, so do visit for more information and news: www.wordaliveevent.org.

Booking for 2020

Group bookings (3 or more units) will open on 10th July at 10am.
General bookings will open on 11th July at 10am.

We really value the work group organisers do and are aware booking day can be stressful for them, and so want to help them in the booking process. So group bookings (3 or more units) will open a day early. However, we’re also aware that can disadvantage smaller churches or individuals. Given that we will keep some accommodation in reserve so that when we open general bookings there will be units to book in each category for those who want just one or two units. We hope this both helps group organisers but doesn’t lead to so much frustration for those booking just one or two units.

Student bookings

Discounted student units for Christian Unions and for international students will open on 28th August 2019.

Evening Celebration Video Downloads

You can catch up or share some of Word Alive through the video downloads on our website. These are available for the Bible Readings and the Evening Celebrations have just been made available. See our SHOP