October Update

8 October 2019

Media from 2019

We’re celebrating passing the halfway mark to Word Alive 2020 by making available some of the afternoon seminars from this year’s event on Word Alive Media. Each seminar listed below has two talks, and you can click the links to take you to straight to the correct page in the shop.

I prayed but nothing changed

What is going on when we push back on prayer, and how does the Lord meet us and draw us near?

Walking with women

Two seminars considering the biblical approach to walking with women through the menopause and miscarriage.

Is this it? What no one told you to expect in your 20's

Being in your 20's can feel like floating in an ocean without clear sight of the shore. Explore the difference Jesus makes to the challenges of adulting—from work, to home, to church and relationships.

How should Christians respond to #metoo?

The #metoo movement exploded into the public sphere in October 2017 and it’s still going strong. We’ll think about making sense of the movement and considering how the gospel guides us to respond.

Guidance for life

‘The Lord is my shepherd… He guides me…’ says Psalm 23. But how does he guide us? And what does a God-guided life look like?

The Gender Agenda

Thinking Christianly about the Trans revolution.

Booking for 2020

For those staying off site, you can buy your event passes HERE.

Students can book on site accommodation HERE. These units will be held for students until the end of November when any remaining units will go on general sale.

We hope you can join us at Word Alive 2020!