Plug into the Word: 6-9 April and beyond

10 February 2021

We are delighted to bring you news about our plans for this year. While we can’t recreate the full experience of Word Alive online, we can provide resources that connect you to God’s word and give something of the flavour of the event. In particular we can offer some of the teaching, training and children’s work that many so value about Word Alive.

We are very aware that in the actual week of Word Alive, many of us will have limited capacity due to work and family commitments or simply through fatigue with online interaction. So we have decided to offer a simplified programme during the week, and then to make more material available in the following weeks.

6–9 April: Something for everyone

During the week that would have been Word Alive, we will stream sessions throughout the day for you to watch live or catch up with later. We’ll announce further details of timings once these have been finalised, but each day will include:

  • A main session in the evening for students and adults. We’re thrilled to have David Cook teaching us from Proverbs and Olly Knight providing music. This will be a cross between a Bible Reading and an evening celebration!
  • ‘Families together’ style programme for children up to the end of primary school.
  • Youth programme for secondary school ages.
  • International student programme.
  • Count Everyone In programme.

April & May: Teaching tracks

We will run three tracks in the weeks following the Word Alive week itself. These will be like the morning tracks at the event, looking in detail at a particular topic or issue. We will release one pre-recorded session per track each week for four weeks, culminating in a fifth session of live Q&A with the speaker. We’re delighted to have three outstanding speakers:

  • Steve Midgley on fear
  • Rebecca McLaughlin on talking to friends about Jesus
  • Garry Williams on how we should think about the Bible

We hope that spreading these out will enable more of us to hear and engage with them than if we squeezed everything into one week. You might also like to watch them in your home group, fellowship group or in other settings.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters over the last year, the sessions during 6-9 April and the three teaching tracks will be available free of charge. There will be no need to book or sign up for them, they will simply be available via our website.

Refreshed website

We are currently working on refreshing our website with a new look and will be posting information on timings, speakers and passages as they become available.

We pray that all this will help you plug into the word.

Yours warmly,

Nigel Beynon

Director of Word Alive