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Programme and event updates


November News Update

1 November 2010

Welcome to our November update with news about New Word Alive 2011. This update brings you news of event passes now available for NWA as well as some tasters of our programme.

Join us at NWA 2011

All of our on-site accommodation has now been booked. If you would like to join our accommodation update email list please send an email to the New Word Alive office asking to be added to the accommodation update list. If any more accommodation becomes available (we sometimes have some cancellations in January) we will email you to let you know when you can book it.

Event Passes available from 2 November

Staying “off-site” is an option many guests at NWA have found works very well for them. It gives a good mixture of the event and your own space for a holiday. You can choose the type of accommodation you prefer; B&B, self catering cottage, static caravan. A is available on our website list of local accommodation. You then just need to buy an event pass to attend NWA – which will be available on sale in our website shop at the following prices:

  • Adults - £110
  • 3 – 16 year olds - £50
  • 2 years and under – free

Find out more about purchasing event passes.

Speakers and programme at NWA 2011

Our last update gave details of our morning programme. Here is a taste of what will be happening in some of the afternoon tracks.

Islam Today: this track will seek to help us understand Muslims both religiously and culturally and to give us ideas of topics and events that provide good ways of discussing the gospel.

Family Issues: this track will cover a mixture of keenly felt issues within families: caring for one another in marriage, caring for elderly parents, caring for children who reject the faith.

Personal Evangelism: we’re delighted that Rico Tice will be joining us to help us be practically equipped in sharing Jesus with those we know.

Worship Matters: not only will Bob Kauflin be leading the worship within our evening meetings, but he’s also agreed to give some seminars on worship matters during NWA.

Church Outreach: from council estates to comfortable suburbia, there are groups we struggle to reach with the message of the gospel. This track will give advice on how our local church can reach out to different communities around us.

Many more tracks to come!

Carl Trueman: Key note speaker at NWA 2011


At NWA 2011 Carl Trueman will be teaching a History Matters track in the mornings where he introduces us to a character from church history telling us something of their life and the truths they stood for. Carl is Professor of Historical Theology and Church History at Westminster Seminary, Philadelphia. He is married to Catriona and has two sons. We asked him a few questions so we could get to know him ahead of the event.

Quick fire questions

Q Baseball or American Football? A plague on both their houses.

Q Pizza or Stir Fry? Pizza

Q Playing chess or running a marathon? Running a marathon

Q Favourite TV show? Father Ted

Q Worst cultural experience? Seeing cheese being sprayed from an aerosol can onto a hot dog at an ice hockey match. I mean, who on earth thought that that was remotely acceptable behaviour in the twenty-first century?

Specialist Round

Q How did you become a Christian? I first heard the gospel at a Billy Graham rally in 1984. That started me going to church and I slowly came to grasp the gospel over the next two years.

Q When you feel like giving up being a Christian what strengthens you? Reading the psalms. The psychological realism they contain is extremely important and a good corrective to incorrect models of Christianity projected both by the church and the world.

Q What do you love about your job? On a practical level, having an assistant who manages my calendar. On a deeper level, being involved in training men for ordained ministry and men and women for service in the church.

Q How did you meet your wife? At the youth group in Bon Accord Free Church of Scotland in 1988, when I was in the first year of my PhD and she was finishing up at Gray’s School of Art.

Q What do you most like about living in the US and miss about life in the UK? Eating out in the US is so cheap. It is also great to be a northern European pessimist in a nation of naïve optimists! As to the UK, I miss the kind of country inn that we have in my home village in Gloucestershire, where one can sit by the fire, drink beer at room temperature, eat a ploughman’s lunch, and enjoy convivial conversation.

Q How are you feeling about 6 days in North Wales next April? North Wales? They told me it was Florida when I signed up!

Q What is it about church history that excites you and what do you hope the Lord will teach us together next April? Church history is a great reminder to all of us that we do not reinvent Christianity every Sunday. We may hold to a high view of scripture as the only ultimate norm for the gospel, but we are also indebted to the church through the ages as she has reflected upon, and refined, her testimony to Christ. The figures I have chosen to lecture on during Word Alive all made important contributions to this, both through their mistakes and weakness, and their great strengths. Thus, Athanasius highlighted the importance of the deity of Christ and the Spirit; Luther understood the critical difference between the law and the gospel; Pascal was a profound cultural critic, living in an entertainment-saturated world very similar to our own; and Machen fought to maintain supernatural Christianity in an area where such was seen as ridiculous. Each one made many mistakes, from many of which we can still learn; but each also had insights that are still useful to us today.

Want to find out more? See Carl Trueman being interviewed by Mike Ovey at Oakhill College.

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