Standard rates

  • Adult: £160
  • Child: £80 (aged 4-18 if they are still at school)
  • Aged 3 and under: free


Half price event passes available to the following people:

  • OAPs
  • Students
  • Low income families
  • Full time church or ministry workers & families
  • Locals to Prestatyn (postcodes starting LL or CH)

Event passes for carers

If you need a full time carer, we are pleased to offer a complimentary event pass to your registered carer.

Day passes

  • Adult: £40
  • Child: £20

There is a 50% discount for concessions.

Day passes can now be purchased in advance but can only be collected on site at Word Alive Information.

Session Passes

  • Morning + Afternoon / Afternoon + Evening: £30
  • Morning / Afternoon: £20
  • Evening (from 5.30pm): £10

There is a 50% discount for under 18s and concessions.

Session Passes can only be purchased on the door. Come to Word Alive Information at Pontins main Reception on arrival and you can pay by cash/card.

Select your event passes

If you are making a mixed order where some passes qualify for concessional discounts and others don’t please place them in separate orders. We apologise for any additional work caused.

TypeAge GroupPrice
State Pension Age*
Full time carer**
StudentChristian Union Student*
International Student*
ChildSchool years 10-13
School years 7-9
School years 3-6
School years 1-2
Pre-school and reception
Infant0-3 years
Day pass (adult)Adult, Sunday
Adult, Monday
Adult, Tuesday
Adult, Wednesday
Day pass (child)Child, Sunday
Child, Monday
Child, Tuesday
Child, Wednesday


* Discount applies to full price adult and child places only. Concessions falsely claimed will render the Event Passes invalid

** Full time carer: By selecting this I confirm that as a registered carer, I am accompanying someone who needs full time care

Event Pass Cancellation Policy

Should you wish to cancel any event passes please contact us in writing immediately. Please note that there is a £20 cancellation charge.