CU student track

Word Alive offers Christian Unions the opportunity to come away together and join the wider body of Christ to encounter and celebrate God together. The CU Student Track joins with the main programme for the morning Bible teaching and worship. Then you get the chance to think through specific issues and opportunities through training tracks and seminars. At the evening celebration everyone gathers to hear God speak and to respond to him in joyful worship and prayer. 

Encounter groups

You’ll be part of an Encounter Group, where you can chat with other students about what you’re learning and experiencing as well as pray together. 

On site discount for CU & international students

A limited number of units have been discounted and reserved for students. Standard self-catering apartments sleeping 4 people are available at £580 or £145 each for 4 people (You must book a whole apartment). When you book you must tell us which Christian Union or International group you attend. Please note that student bookings open on 1 September 2022.

Booking for your Christian Union?

If you are responsible for organising your CU’s booking, check out the Word Alive Student Champions' Guide. This will give you all the information you need from booking right up to the event itself.

Or why not stay off site?

Off site accommodation can be a great alternative for CU students at Word Alive.

Off site accomodation is often more affordable, and spaces aren’t limited in the way on site accomodation is.

Find more info about staying off site here

  • Talk to your CU Staff Worker or group organiser to let them know if you aim to book off site accommodation.
  • Off site CU students receive a free hot drink voucher for the Word Alive café each day – don’t forget to claim it!
  • Remember you’ll need to get both an off site pass from Word Alive and book somewhere to sleep off site.
  • Your off site passes are half price (£85)
  • Please note that most private caravan parks don’t allow single sex bookings to prevent stag and hen parties, so you may wish to contact the owners to see if there is any leeway. Here is some suggested wording: 'We are a single sex group wishing to book this caravan. We are attending a local Christian conference that takes place locally each year. The event is ‘Word Alive’ and can you can see details of the event here: Due to our Christian values we do wish to book a single sex caravan, and we wonder if you could make an exception in our circumstance for our booking. If you have any further questions please do get in touch.'
  • Many caravan parks only offer bookings which run from Friday to Friday, but as they often sleep more people than the on site chalets this can still be a cost-effective option. You can usually still arrange to arrive on Saturday – speak to the caravan park about this when you book. Or you could plan to come the night before and get settled in early and have a relaxed start on Saturday.
  • If you have any further questions about booking off site accommodation, please ask your CU Staff Worker in the first instance or contact or