We live in strange times. The coronavirus pandemic is having an increasingly significant effect on society and our lives.

In light of the situation, we want to offer some resources that might be of immediate use to you and your church. Many churches are putting their own services online, which is great. Being part of a local body of Christians is essential, even more so at a time when we are kept apart physically. So we would encourage everyone to prioritise their own church’s online services.

But if you don’t have the resources to make that happen, each Monday we are going to make meetings from past Word Alive events available on our YouTube channel. These will be available for a week before being replaced with the next talk in the series.

These resources are not intended as a replacement for Word Alive 2020 – if we can make any of this year’s programme available, we will let you know.

For now we will play some of the main meetings as well as some After Hours from previous events. We will start with the meetings from 2019 and the schedule will look like this:


Bible Reading


Early Celebration


Bible Reading (repeated)


After Hours


Late Celebration


After Hours

For more resources from previous years, take a look at our media store.

On weekdays 8.30–9am, you might also like to tune into Olly Knight’s Facebook page, where he will be sharing live acoustic worship, scripture and prayer.